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I found your journal through...well, various assorted communities and I just have to say that your Friends Only banner = GUH love.
Anybody who loves Liam Neeson is a friend of mine. b-.-
I saw Batman Begins last week and holy sweet goddamn. I want his babies. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you do, like, right now. Or something. xD
OMG HE'S IN IT?! *runs off* ... Shoot. I'm broke. Must steal money from mi familia. :O
I wish it were on video already. >>;; I mean, it's a great movie regardless, but he's so aslkdjslakdfasdf. *swoonheartmelt*
I can't believe I never knew he was in it. Now I feel like such a bad lover fan. He's so incredible. ♥
Hello! :) I found you through your icon site, mosaicism. I was pondering whether or not to add you, and then I got excited when I saw your profile :D MercyMe, Superchic[k], music, hockey, writing, retreats, the whole shebang. I'm sure you're better than you imply, but I'm one who also loves music but is not the world's greatest. ^^;;

Anyway, I would love to be friends, so I've added you. Add me back? =)
Of course! [and, how cool is that, you used "the whole shebang" - that's the best phrase ever! :D] Added. ♥